Dairy Cattle

Importation of Breeding Stock

Livestock Sourcing
We have access to dairy cattle from a variety of breeds from all across Canada. Our connections with the producers allow us to source large numbers of quality animals at a reasonable price and in a timely manner.

Livestock Selection
We only select livestock that we would put into our own operation. We travel as many miles and look at as many animals as we need to get the quality you deserve and expect.

Transportation Services
Xports International Inc. also takes care of all of the transportation arrangements from the farm to the quarantine facility, from the quarantine facility to the ship or plane and then from the ship or plane to your nearest port or airport.

We also take care of all of the care and feeding of the livestock on the ship to ensure that when they arrive they are in excellent health. Part of this care is provided by a licensed veterinarian who accompanies each and every shipment.

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