We offer a wide variety of consulting options to fit your needs.  These range from basic hourly phone consultation to annual contracts with on the ground personnel. 

The services offered include but are not limited to the following:

Services Overview

Facility Design

This is probably the most important aspect of planning a beef or dairy cattle operation. A little extra time and money spent here can greatly improve both cattle comfort and performance. It will also go along way to decreasing labour costs, decreasing risk and increasing productivity. We have the expertise and the personnel to assist with all aspects of facility design to ensure you only have to build it once.

Nutritional Consulting
The only thing more important than Nutrition is Genetics. Now that you have made the decision to utilize the best genetics, make sure that you optimize these genetics by providing them with proper nutrition. A well balanced diet will not only improve cattle performance, it can decrease feed costs as well. Our experience in the Nutrition Industry has provided us with the tools to provide your cattle with the most economical ration available to improve performance and herd health.

Human Resources
We also have staff to assist you with your staffing needs. Whether it be hiring, developing job descriptions and titles, or training, we can help develop and maintain a happy and productive work force. One of the other things that we do offer is the opportunity for key people within your organization to travel to Canada to work on a farm and learn first hand some of the different skills and practices that will be implemented on your farm in Russia.

Breeding Program Development
A great breeding program doesn't just happen! We have experience in designing two and three breed rotations to maximize heterosis and productivity of commercial cattle operations. If you are wanting to breed purebred cattle, we can help with sire selection and on farm matings to genetically design your cow herd to meet your end market.

Record Keeping
One of the keys to a successful operation is knowing what your costs are and knowing which your best cows are. We can assist with calculating your costs of production and increase your profitability. We can also provide you with software that will allow you to track individual animal performance. This information becomes invaluable down the road once a couple of years production are input. It highlights less productive cows and bulls and will assist with decisions on which cows to remove from the herd due to lack of productivity.

Genetic Evaluations
We have access to a huge database which allows for the input of performance information on birth weight, weaning weight, and yearling weight. Once this information in entered into the system animals are assigned performance values for 16 different traits. Once enough data is submitted the values become quite accurate and cattle can be selected for genetic merit not just individual performance.

Herd Health Protocols
We adhere to very specific herd health protocols which include regular vaccinations, deworming, diagnosis and treatment practices, and pregnancy diagnosis. We feel that it is better to be work hard to prevent incidences of sickness and disease than it is to treat it after a problem has already occurred.

Trouble Shooting
We would rather be involved before this point but in the event that a problem arises we are well equipped to diagnose and treat the problem. Our many years of experience in handling and managing cattle have given us the ability to quickly resolve most situations that arise. In the event that we are not able to isolate the problem ourselves, we have access to number of veterinarians and nutritional experts that can assist.

Management Training

This aspect of the business takes on several forms.  It can be as basic as one on one mentorship and training of personnel or as complex as scheduled Management Training Workshops for 10-50 people.  Our experienced staff will work with you to create a strong management team with the skills to help your business succeed.

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